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Washington Association for 
the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse
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  • 7th Annual Joint meeting with KCSARC and WATSA

7th Annual Joint meeting with KCSARC and WATSA

  • Fri, September 16, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Zoom

WATSA's 7th Annual Joint Meeting with KCSARC

The KCSARC/WATSA annual meeting will include a presentation on the impact of sexual abuse/assault on victims, both short and long-term, including common reactions to trauma, impact on memory and functioning and risk and protective factors for long-term health impacts. How does memory encoding during a traumatic event impact memory recounting? How do defense mechanisms of offenders and victims impact the recovery for those victims, specifically minimization of the event by offenders, victims, families, communities, and society? What does this mean for our work? How can increased coordination between CSOTPS and victim therapists/advocates facilitate recovery for victims and treatment progress for those who offend?  Discussion will focus on how this information presents itself in our work and informs our interventions with clients.

KCSARC Presenters: Chris Johnson and Larraine Lynch

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